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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

10th June 2018

The puppies have not grown up so fast into active, playful, happy little fluff balls, and they will continue growing this fast too. As a result of this & their first teeth beginning to come through it is time to ween, Elza has been feeding them long enough now & we're sure she wouldn't mind a little break too. This is where we get messyyyyy!!

Over the next 10 days the puppies have gone from semolina, rice pudding, porridge and broths to a nutritious & delicious variation of chicken, minced beef, salmon, mackerel, sardines, scrambled eggs, vegetables and a high protein dry food supplement .

June 22nd 2018

Besides meal & nap times; its PLAY TIME, & playing is now a way of life for the puppies, with out each other, chasing each other, or with their toys, twigs. plants, our shoes, anything they can find which catches their attention enough!

Our grand three grand children from ages 2-9 are also round a couple times and absolutely adore them, I don't actually know who follows who most; them following the pups or the pups following them! And as it has been VERY hot this summer they have also become partial to a little dip in the kid's paddling pool to cool off, with or without the kids!


All tired out after a hot summers day's play...


After the longest and warmest summer, we have had the privilege of watching these adorable pups develop into little individuals, all with their unique personalities. All healthy well socialised with the help of my family,friends and of course the grandchildren. We have exceeded all expectation with house rules and toilet training at 8 weeks old, what a high level of intelligence they have shown, always so eager to please and learn.

Double Trouble

Miss Independence

Hey... that's my ball...


Nearly ready for them to meet their new families.


Ssshhh... Be Quiet !!!!!!!!

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