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Pumi Puppies!

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

May 20th 2018 4am...

... Early this morning Elza was showing signs of clear signs of restlessness, at this point she was only 57 days pregnant; so as the puppies looked to be on their way this day was promising to be a long one!

6:05 am - the 1st puppy arrives; male, fit & healthy!

7:30 am - puppy #2 is with us and is another male, followed by a 3rd boy.

10:10 am - and our first girl arrives!

...Elza continues to amazingly calm and composed through to 3:32 pm when puppy #7 comes along. At this point we thought Elza may have finished, she has settled down and all the beautiful little puppies are feeding well.

6:12 pm - Wait a minute!... puppy #8 snuck up on us after a brief interlude.

7:02 pm - Oh boy, its another boy! Our 9th and final puppy finally comes to meet us about 13 hours after the first one this morning. We are absolutely amazed. Amazed at how well Elza has handled such a long day & amazed at our platoon of healthy pups!

For the following week I slept downstairs next to Elza & her babies to make sure mum & pups well doing well at all times.

May 31st - The two largest boys were the first to open their eyes, look around and become more aware of their surroundings. Though these two were closely followed by the rest of the pups over the next 2 days. This is where it will really start to get fun! ...

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