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The Hungarian Pumi House

at Csulli-Pumi


We are a very close-knit family, with grown up children & grandchildren. Our parents emigrated to England in 1956 from Hungary & we have spent countless long summers as children & as adults with our own children on my Grandparents farm.

Animals have always been a integral part of our family for many years but dogs have been our passion for over 30 years, however the Pumi's were  introduced to us by a relative in Hungary...


Why choose us?


I have studied and have accredited level 3/4 CPDS in Canine Health and Nutrition, Canine Behaviour and Animal Psychology.

Animals have been at the heart of our family for over 30 years & our history in breeding experience dates back almost 20 years now.

We are semi rural, but have direct access onto beautiful countryside so they have plentiful exercise , even meeting with the horses at our local riding stables!

As they live with us in our home they benefit from lots of stimulation in a normal domestic & family environment.
And we ensure they are fed as naturally as possible with a nutritious & well balanced diet.


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